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Navy Data Platform Aligns, Accelerates Supply Chain Analytics

August 18th, 2020 – Enterprise Horizon Consulting Group, an EDWOSB specializing in ERP Optimization, Business Intelligence, and Data Analytics, has 15 years’ experience supporting Navy ERP and 7 years supporting NAVSUP with the developing, sustaining, and enhancing of their Navy Data Platform (NDP). This team recently achieved another major milestone with the successful migration and technology refresh for NDP.

NDP is designed to improve data-driven decision-making at strategic and tactical levels by establishing and optimizing business processes that increase readiness through access to data and self-service analytics. Angel Rodriguez, director of project engagement for the Data Analytics department at NAVSUP BSC highlighted some of the benefits of the refresh:

“This technology refresh incorporates cutting edge capabilities that will enable us to integrate other data warehouses, enrich existing data quality, implement enhanced data governance, and seamlessly integrate with cloud offerings. This not only furthers our ability to integrate InforM-21 into NDP, but it also lays the foundational framework for self-service analytics and advances the field of supply-chain management throughout the Navy.”

The Enterprise Horizon team looks forward to continuing to support the Navy’s success in modernizing its technical capabilities to support our warfighters.

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