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Enterprise Horizon’s Super 8(a) JV Awarded Follow-On Contract to Provide Enterprise Architecture Support and NAVSUP Enterprise Services (NES) Infrastructure Support to NAVSUP Business Systems Center (BSC)

June 13, 2022 – Hana Horizons (Joint Venture with 8(a) NHO Hana Technologies and Systems) was recently awarded the follow-on contract for supporting NAVSUP BSC’s efforts to provide an overall cohesive Enterprise Web Infrastructure; Data Management; Identity Management (IDM); SOA, Agile, and DevSecOps Cloud-based Architecture Strategy; and System Administration support at multiple NAVSUP host-provided environments for customers within NAVSUP, the DoN, and DOD.

This effort will span the entirety of the NAVSUP Web Infrastructure, its supporting environments and data centers, as well as any NAVSUP expansion into additional host providers. Hana Horizons’ work will enhance the existing computing environment that supports the entire NAVSUP Enterprise to provide a robust, agile, interoperable infrastructure that provides enhanced connectivity and computing capability to deliver integrated services to NAVSUP. We look forward to building on Enterprise Horizon’s 10+ years of successfully supporting NAVSUP BSC’s Enterprise Modernization mission.